Hiring for Cybersecurity Analysts

(Training with 100% placement in Red Team / Offensive Security – Cybersecurity)

(Few more slots left – Mar 2024 batch – First come first served)

Few facts on demand and supply of Cybersecurity workforce

3.5 Million unfilled positions In 2025 : Cybersecurity jobs report

Cybersecurity workforce shortage reaches 4 million despite significant recruitment drive : External link

(Enrollment ends on 27th Feb 2024 (revised date) and Coaching starts from 1st week of Mar 2024

Enrollment link: https://bit.ly/CYAJ24

Are you ready for a passionate long term sustainable career in Cybersecurity….

Career preparation and placement program – Cybersecurity Analyst

About the program

  • Enrollment to the program is purely based on Assessment & Interview
  • Candidate to be in Coimbatore for Assessment & Interview to get selected for the Program
  • Only most-deserving and & limited Candidates only in this batch (Max 25)
  • 100% on-site in Coimbatore (Coaching / training & internship in real time projects)
  • 100% Job assurance / guaranteed placement on successful completion*

Eligibility requirements – General skills

  • Linux & Networking skills
  • Operating Systems (Desktop & Server)
  • Strong communication skills and ability to comprehend well in English
  • Problem solving, troubleshooting, time management, critical thinking & stress management
  • Strong ethical mindset and a self-learner
  • 100% commitment, attentive to job role, professionalism, dedication & punctual
  • Ability to commit full time for the entire program (Phase 1 and Phase 2)

Eligibility requirements – Education

  • UG & PG Students from IT / CS and related background
  • Graduates of 2021 and above
  • Final year Graduates who can be 100% on-site for this Program (You might need permission from your Academic Institution)

The Fine Print

  • The entire program will be 100% offline (on-site) at dedicated office in Coimbatore
  • Coaching will be on alternative days (tentatively)
  • We welcome Candidates to use their own Laptop (Min 8GB RAM, with latest processor.,), always
  • 100+ hrs of lab access for live practice environment of real time scenarios
  • Access to 650+ virtual labs for advanced cybersecurity skilling on current trends
  • 150+ tools of the trade, for Cybersecurity job role
  • Soft skills and completely curated Placement training for getting job in Cybersecurity
  • AI based Cybersecurity assessment used in top MNCs and Fortune 500 Corporations
  • Guaranteed Job offer on Successful completion
  • As the Program is 100% on-site, there won’t be any virtual sessions
  • No refund of Program fee, for any reason whatsoever
  • Global vendor Certification in Mar 2024 (Approximate fees of INR 30,000) is mandatory and included in the Course fee.

Tentative timelines

Phase 1: 3 months of Coaching – Readiness for Certification + realtime experience

Phase 2: 3 months of intensive Coaching + soft skills training + placement preparation

Phase 3: Interviews & placements from June 2024 onwards, for those Candidates who have progressed the Program so far, successfully


Step 1: Candidates takes offline assessment & face to face interview

Step 2: Qualified candidates are invited for enrollment

Step 3: Invited candidates are enrolled on first come basis due to batch limit

Step 4: Actual cost of the Program – INR 1,18,000 (incl 18% GST) – 100% Finance options available

Step 5: Enrolled Candidates start the Phase 1 of the Program from Mar 2024

1st Phase: 3 months – Mar 2024 to May 2024

Step 1: Coaching in Linux / Networking / Cybersecurity / Red team activities / Ethical hacking / Penetration testing (Web application / Mobile / Cloud / Infrastructure / Social engineering)

Step 2: Internal assessment # 1 – April 2024.

Step 3: As part of the Program, We will guide the candidates to acquire Global vendor certifications that we prescribe for each candidate – Mar 2024 (Cost INR 30000 approximately – already included)

Step 4: Qualified candidates step in to Phase 2

Our methodology adopted for successful placement in a Cybersecurity job role

2nd Phase: 3 months – Apr 2024 to Jun 2024

Step 1: Major Certification to be completed before 31st Mar 2024

Step 2: Qualified candidates are involved in 100% real-time experiential learning

Step 4: Placement training with project experience in near real time Cybersecurity environment

Step 5: Interviews are arranged for Candidates who successfully completes Phase 1 & 2

Step 6: Top performing candidates are hired by us and our Partner companies

Step 7: Placement continues until the Candidates is placed. Successful candidates are eligible for Stipend from July 2024 until we place.

Frequently asked questions

For what Cybersecurity role this program is for?

This program is exclusively for Vulnerability assessment / Penetration Testing / Offensive Security / Ethical hacking & Red team related roles.

It is really hard for freshers to get into actual Cybersecurity roles. How will this Program assure that.

Yes. The whole world is aware of it. No Enterprise is going to handover access to a real-time environemtn to a unexperienced cyber resource. But, Companies do always consider Skilled profiles with some proven experience, who are self-learners, have lot of patience and passion in Cybersecurity, and have soft skills like analytical and problem solving skills.

That’s what exactly we are going to coach in this 6 months – intensive program, to enable the Candidate for entry level jobs in Cybersecurity

Is there any specific syllabus?

Our mission is to enable the Candidate for full-time roles in Cybersecurity. This is NOT a training program at all. Our Phase 1 coaching is to upskill a candidate for real time Cybersecurity tasks in Phase 2. We do have an internal curriculum and list of activities for both the phases. This Career prep program can’t be confined to a particular syllabus, instead, this is all about practice, practice, practice and deliver it successfully in real-time.

0% unemployment rate and 5 other numbers you need to know about cybersecurity

What are the Global / Vendor Certifications mentioned here and there

We will encourage and motivate you to acquire the top industry certifications from Vendors like CompTia, ISACA, ISC2, EC-Council etc., which strengthens your profile and prove the validation of your Cybersecurity skills. The exact Certification to be done by Mar 2024 will be guided by us during the course of Phase 1 based on multiple factors.

Do I have to pay anything before Placement?

No. Other than the Program fee (Rs. 1,18,000), there are no other charges. We will be with you from Day 1 until you are hired for a Cybersecurity job.

How long it would take to get a job after training.

Top performing Candidates will get opportunity to join with us and our Partner companies on priority. For the rest, though we start to connect the Candidate with recruiters from Apr / May 2024 onwards, tentatively we can say 90 to 120 working days, starting from 1st interview to receiving the date of Joining intimation from the Hiring authority (depending upon the Company). We won’t rest until we place all the Successful candidates.

Where would be the job placement location?

For Candidates hired by us and our Partner companies, the placement location will be Coimbatore and 100% on-site (most probably). For other candidates, the location depends on the hiring company.

What would be the starting Salary package?

It depends on the hiring company. It might start from 2.5Lakh per annum or even 5Lakh per annum. Though its very hard to predict, we strive our best to get an entry level role in Cybersecurity beyond which, its completely up-to the Candidate to climb the career ladder.

*What is the meaning of ‘Successful completion’?

This is not a training program. This is a Career preparation & 100% placement program. Candidate is required to be on-site, complete all assessments on prescribed timeline, engage with full attention in all official activities, completes the internal assessments, vendor certification and so on… to qualify for the ‘Successful completion’ criteria.

I’m from IT background and I want to switch my career to Cybersecurity. Will this program help?

Yes. If you are having IT experience and passionate in Cybersecurity, this program will definitely help you to switch to Cybersecurity. You just need to make yourself dedicated for this program 100% of your time for the next 6+ months

I’m full time employed but interested in this Program. What should I do?

This program is suitable only for those who can be on-site for the next 6+ months and can dedicate 100% of their time.

Organizer profile:
We have successfully delivered onsite sessions for 17500+ Students and for Faculties from 100+ Academic Institutions (hybrid)

This training batch is exclusively for our in-house Cybersecurity engagements with our Clients.

We are regularly delivering Cybersecurity sessions in top Colleges in Coimbatore

More details @: https://in100w.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maharaj-m/

Academic collaborations

Optionally, candidates can connect with TPOs, HoDs, Senior Academicians from below Institutions (with whom we already have an active MoU) to reach us thru Academic channel.

#Date of MoUName of the Academic Institution
112-Jul-22Sri Krishna Aditya Arts & Science College
202-Sep-22Nallamuthu Gounder Mahalingam (NGM) College
330-Sep-22Sree Narayanaguru College
404-Nov-22Nehru Institute of Technology
507-Nov-22SNS College of Engineering
614-Nov-22Excel College of Commerce and Science
715-Nov-22Dr. NGP Institute of Technology
818-Nov-22AJK College of Arts & Science
921-Nov-22SNS Institute of Technology
1012-Dec-22KGISL Institute of Technology
1122-Dec-22Karpagam Academy of Higher Education
1222-Feb-23Karpagam College of Engineering
1323-Feb-23Karpagam Institute of Technology
1421-Mar-23Amrita Vidhya Viswapeetham
1510-May-23Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
1622-Sep-23Sri Eshwar College of Engineering
1725-Sep-23Arjun College of Technology
1803-Feb-24VLB Janakiammal College Of Arts & Science
1929-Feb-24Kongunadu College of Eng. & Technology

Training & Placement Officers of Academic Institutions

If any TPOs from Academic Institutions in district of Coimbatore, are interested, We look forward to collaborate with you for placing the deserving candidates in Cybersecurity thru this Career placement Program for Cybersecurity Analysts.

About Cybersecurity Salary for beginners

Though it is very hard to predict, we would like to show an example (non-affiliated) 3rd party source for just an understanding..


Payment options

I’m ready to be in a Cybersecurity job role in another 8+ months. I’m ready to Pay & enroll. What should I do now.

Enrollment to this program is based on assessment and interview (both offline). Please register your interest at this link.

First come, First served

A unique Program that provides 100% Job guarantee in Cybersecurity

For International Candidates:

Please reach us at hello@bcbuzz.io
Coimbatore International Airport is well connected to multiple cities across the Globe.

If direct flights are unavailable for you, the nearest International Airports are Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin etc.,


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